Progress, Not Perfection - Orwell + Austen

Progress, Not Perfection

Sustainability and ethics are very important to us at Orwell + Austen, but what does sustainability look like to us in practice? What are we doing ...

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The Story Behind: The Bowie - Orwell + Austen

The Story Behind: The Bowie

The story behind the design process for our bestselling 'Bowie' lightning bolt cashmere and wool blend women's sweater. A brand bestseller since it...

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How to Style: Cardigans - Orwell + Austen

How to Style: Cardigans

A blog post on styling Orwell + Austen cardigans with other brand which share out eco-conscious and sustainable and ethical fashion values.

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Interview with Our Founder - Orwell + Austen

Interview with Our Founder

We chat to our founder Jessica Schuhle-Lewis about the brand, her inspiration, and what we can expect to see in 2018. Q. Orwell + Austen was launch...

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