Orwell + Austen was born from our founder’s vision of bright, colourful cashmere without the harmful blends of acrylics and other plastic derivatives which are usually used to achieve this look.
We believe in producing beautiful pieces in an eco-conscious and ethical way and are committed to responsible production and environmental impact.
Our core values are that Orwell + Austen does NOT contain any non-recyclable nasties, and NEVER will!



It is incredibly important to us that we consistently deliver both sustainability and ethical practice. We re-stock through very small order runs to minimise wastage and maintain quality control. We keep a close and personal relationship with the artisanal craftspeople who handmake each garment. We pay our workers fairly and facilitate high standards for their working conditions.



All of our garments are made from only the highest quality materials. Our sweaters and cardigans are made of recycled cashmere or a cashmere and fine wool blend – both of which are environmentally friendly.



All profits from our T-Shirt sales in July and August this year have been donated to an on-the-ground Nepalese charity, Our Sansar, for COVID Relief.



We have always championed the idea of buying less and buying better. An  Orwell + Austen piece isn’t just for one season, but timeless, so that you can treasure it for years to come.


At the end of each year, we offset our carbon footprint through supporting the environmental and climate change projects of Pipaltree charity based in Nepal. This includes a ten-year rural reforestation project in southeast Nepal offering safe passage to a range of endangered species including wild elephants, sloth bears and leopards.

Pipaltree are also working on creating an urban forest in central Janakpur as part of a two-year reforestation project alongside major public art projects to encourage the youth and solicit their support in taking environmental action as influencers. 



Our stock is currently sent to us in plastic packaging. To tackle this, we recycle all of the plastic with First Mile Recycling and are currently working hard to make the switch to locally produced raw cotton garment bags.



We are currently devising a take-back scheme, where customers can send in their old sweaters in order to recycle and repurpose the yarns.
We hope that this information gives you more of an insight into the ethos, attention to detail and mindful intention that goes into the creation of every single Orwell + Austen piece.