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Article: An Exclusive Interview with Jakki Doodles

An Exclusive Interview with Jakki Doodles - Orwell + Austen

An Exclusive Interview with Jakki Doodles

The Jakki Doodles Collaboration

We spoke with the talented Jakki Jones (aka Jakki Doodles) about our latest collab, inspirations and of course, being kind. 

Read on to find out more! 

Our recent collaboration with you features four laid-back t-shirts which are made from 100% organic cotton and feature a “Be Kind” slogan on either a leopard heart or red heart design. What was the inspiration behind the collaboration designs?

The inspiration behind the design came in Lockdown 2020. Everybody was home, everything was different. It was a testing time for all of us - but for me, what I found comfort in was the kindness in every day that I was witnessing. Kindness in the community. Kindness from small things. Be that - sharing food - sending physical mail - leaving pictures rainbows on windows to let the NHS and key workers know how grateful were. Kindness for me kept me going - and kept me focused during lockdown. Kindness is where it all begins. 

What a lovely message to have behind the designs! We certainly learnt a lot from lockdown too. So, how will you be styling your t-shirt? 

I will be styling mine with a pair of leggings (leopard print or some bright colour) - and of course with a smile!

Sounds good to us! They're perfect to dress up or down and of course, colour is a must! Throwing it back to the beginning, what was it that made you want to be an illustrator?

I decided to be an illustrator when I realised I was sick of going into cards shops and never really liking many cards on offer. I thought I could do something cooler - and cheekier - that my friends probably would prefer.  When I saw how much joy my designs brought to people, that really was a real star moment for me. Also seeing my designs in shops and on clothes and gifts was a real pinch me moment - and still is to this day.

We love all of your designs and think they’re super cool and fun - especially these ones! What was your favourite part of illustrating logo for the tees?

Funnily enough, I illustrated a book by my friend Rosie Nixon in lockdown. It is all about Kindness in every day. The book was going to be named something different. It was only after I'd finished my illustration / Logo design with Orwell and Austen that we decided to change the title to “BE KIND” so it couldn’t be more perfect, timing wise. I loved every part of designing this logo. I wanted something impactful, bright and timeless. A heart crest with bold modern typography, on a cool basic t-shirt. Hopefully to become an iconic, everyday favourite.

Marl Grey organic cotton tshirt

They're definitely iconic and everyday favourites which are so versatile. The logo gives them an added element of fun too. So, what or who would you say inspires you and your designs the most?

Inspiration for me comes from every day thoughts and observations, and also future teachings that I want instil in my children. Each design I want my family to be proud of, and hopefully see themselves a bit in it.

That's certainly a great source to gain inspiration from. Looking back, when did you know you wanted to be an illustrator?

I realised I wanted to be an illustrator, back in 2008 when I worked at MTV. I was doodling in lots of meetings and realised I wanted to take these characters and bring them to life!

How interesting! They've definitely been brought to life which is evident in so many of your projects. Speaking of which, talk us through a day in the life of Jakki! 

Each day is very different. Dependent on what projects I have on that week. Quite simply, get all the little ones up and and out of the house by 8am. On the way back, grab a coffee in my favourite coffee shop, come back, have a 15 mins blitz of the house / kitchen so that my working space is clear, then sit down to work at the desk. Be that doing a doodle deadline or it could be booking talent for a Celeb Event or Brand Collaboration. Then I run to get the kids post school and nursery, followed by a manic few hours until 7pm. Then I pick up where I left off work wise  or just chill with my hubby, have a glass of red and wind down.

Wow! That sounds productive and certainly very interesting! What is a piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Try not to leave everything to the last minute!

I think we can all agree with that one! What are you working on next?

 I have another clothing collaboration coming out in March so I'm busy working on designs for that.

Exciting! What are 3 words you would use to describe this collaboration?

Chic, Classic, Cool!
We think so too! Head to the T-Shirt section to shop or click on any image and be sure to tag us so we can see how you style them!

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