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Article: 3 Ways to Style

3 Ways to Style - Orwell + Austen

3 Ways to Style

Anyone else noticed the chill in the air? Yes, it's that time of year again when we start digging into our wardrobe, pulling out the warm stuff, and thinking, "How do I make this look fresh this year?" Well, if you've got that super cute Heart Sleeve Cashmere Blend Cardigan, you're in luck! Let's dive into some fun and comfy ways to rock it this AW.
oatmeal cashmere and fine wool blend womens cardigan with rainbow hearts on the sleeve and mother of pearl buttons

Classic Blue Jeans and White Tee:

This might sound super basic, but trust me, the colourful, playful detail of the heart sleeves pops out brilliantly against simple wardrobe staples.
Slide into your favourite blue jeans, throw on a crisp white tee, and let the cardigan be the star of the show.styling ideas for women's cashmere cardigan cashmere navy heart sleeve cardigan with white t-shirt blue jeans white trainers

Over a Midi Dress:

Got a summer midi dress you're not ready to put away? No worries! Pair it with the Heart Sleeve Cardigan for a perfect layered Autumn look. Finish off with some ankle boots, and a colourful bag, and you've got yourself the perfect transitional look, utilising pieces you have in your wardrobe.

oatmeal cashmere blend women's heart sleeve cardigan styled with a midi dress ankle boots and a statement purple jigsaw bag

With a pair of Wide Leg Trousers:

Those trendy - and very this season - wide leg trousers in your closet are begging to be paired with the Heart Sleeve Cardigan! The flow of the trousers compliments the cosy softness of the cardigan perfectly. Add a pair of ballet flats for an effortlessly chic vibe.
cashmere and fine wool blend rainbow heart sleeve sweater styled with wide leg trousers ballet flats and a leather handbag

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