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Article: Make a Statement with a Cashmere Slogan Sweater

Make a Statement with a Cashmere Slogan Sweater - Orwell + Austen

Make a Statement with a Cashmere Slogan Sweater

Here at Orwell + Austen HQ we love a slogan sweater. One of the first sweaters we ever made back in 2015 was our - now classic - 'Je ne regrette' printed slogan sweater, and it is safe to say that our love affair with a slogan cashmere knit hasn't stopped since.

Choosing UK women's knitwear online doesn't have to be boring. In a sea of plain neutral cashmere sweaters, its fun to be able to offer something a little bit different.  We think UK cashmere knitwear should be fun, eye catching, and make a statement, and that's what we aim to do with our cashmere slogan sweaters for women. Fun, playful slogans, bold simple fonts, and colourful, contrasting lettering, is our staple.   

This season there are a variety of slogans to chose from. Take your pick from 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' (meaning 'Everything is going well for me'), to 'Je M'eleve' ('I rise' which was immortalised in the poetry of Maya Angelou), our classic 'Atomic' cashmere sweater (inspired by the music of 80's pop powerhouse Blondie), or our propaganda poster inspired 'LOVE' sweater. 

UK Bloggers and influences agree that our statement sweaters, are THE ones to be seen in this season....

Jasmine Hemsley in the Orwell + Austen Je m'cleve cashmere sweater in rainforest green and sky blue
Red LOVE cashmere women's sweater

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