What makes a great Cashmere Sweater?

What makes a great Cashmere Sweater?

By Jessica Schuhle-Lewis

What makes a great Cashmere Sweater?

Here at Orwell + Austen, we believe that there are not many things lovelier than the feeling of a cashmere sweater against your skin. The crème-de-la-crème of all fabrics; cashmere is as light as air, yet unbelievably soft and warm. It’s effortlessly luxurious and deliciously comfortable to wear, which is why we love it so much and use it in many of our sweaters.

Saying that – not all cashmere sweaters are equal. So, what makes a great cashmere sweater, so great?

The hand-feel

The feel of a cashmere sweater is what makes it all the more special. It can comfort you on a rainy day at home and make you feel a million dollars when wearing it out with friends for lunch. High-quality cashmere sweaters (like ours!) have an extremely soft hand-feel when brushed against the skin and you will be able to tell that you love it from the very first touch.

We have lots of cashmere blend sweaters in our collection too – these sweaters combine cashmere fibres with the finest wool. The result is a garment that is both scintillatingly soft and very durable, meaning you can wear it and love it for many years to come.

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The fit

Now, onto the fit. We tend to think cashmere sweaters should be worn a little looser than cotton or other fabrics, and they are great for layering over organic cotton tees or silk vests. There’s nothing more comforting than slipping on an oversized cashmere knit with a pair of skinny jeans for a leisurely stroll to the shops or pairing with some soft cotton leggings for a day of house-lounging on a wintery Sunday.

From a timeless turtleneck to a preppy V-neck or cute crewneck option, the style of your cashmere sweater is very individual to you, so try a few out to see what works best. Also, look out for small details that make all the difference. Gathered sleeve cuffs and lined collars will enhance the look of a basic cashmere jumper and will also help the item to keep its shape for longer, too. We like to think of all these details before adding them to our collection.

As a natural fibre, cashmere needs extra care when it comes to washing and drying. To keep the original fit of your cashmere sweater intact, give it a cool hand wash with a gentle detergent, followed by air-drying on a flat towel.

The comfiest sleeves ever

Super comfy sleeves....

The style

When it comes to the style of your cashmere sweater, you can be as bold or as modest as you like. An easy, plain cashmere sweater or cardigan is a handy staple for slipping over a dress or t-shirt when it gets a little cooler – opt for a navy, black or a grey marl version for versatility across your whole wardrobe. Stripes are also classic and easy-to-wear, and you can choose from a range of thin or thick stripes, vertical or horizontal, or even a plain body with striped sleeves.

If like us, you sometimes fancy something with a little more statement – then a motif cashmere sweater can really uplift your mood and your day. Our signature lightning bolts, camo prints and rainbow stripes are all favourites and our tiger print sweater is also causing a stir out on the streets at the moment. Wear yours with dark denim jeans and leather trainers (ethically sourced of course) for a chic, yet effortless combo to take you through the day and into the evening.

Slogan cashmere sweaters are also having a moment right now, and we believe in opting for a strapline that works with your life code. Whether it’s with one of our Disco, Love,  or new season Femme or Tiger pieces – your sweater is sure to say a lot about who you are and what you believe in!

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