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Neon brights - our subtle take on the new season neon trend
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Neon brights - our subtle take on the new season neon trend

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We are brightening the short, dark, and cold winter days by bringing you a new selection of sweaters, which touch upon Spring/Summer 2019's must have neon trend. 

September 2018 New York Fashion Week saw the runways light up with neon hues of pink, orange, yellow, and green, as part another 80’s revival. Once a trend associated with fluorescent gym gear, and rave attire, the 'new neon' sees this season’s bright hues infiltrating the mainstream in more subtle ways. 

The key to wearing the neon fashion trend in 2018 is to opt in small flashy doses. We know all about the subtlety of balancing fluorescent attention grabbing colours, and have combined our neon palette with darker tonal navy, black, grey or oatmeal. Adding neon accents that will give a much-needed pop of colour, as well as being the perfect antidotes to a dreary grey and cold of winter.

So, if you pride yourself on your fashion know-how and are trying to figure out exactly how you’re going to wear neon with your everyday wardrobe, take a look at our online collection of neon inspired cashmere sweaters.  Blending beautiful cashmere and fine wool knitwear with unique designs, statement motifs, and colour, lots of lovely colour. The following cashmere sweaters in our collection work in perfect unison to give you a personal colour statement: the Simple Chevron, Neon Lips, Retro Rainbow, Love Rainbow, and Rainbow Bolt. 

From punchy pinks to highlighter yellows and tangy orange, next spring is looking brighter than ever - all the more reason to get ahead by channeling the trend with our new season pieces now. 



Simple Chevron in Oatmeal £150 - also available in navy
Neon lips in black £210
Retro rainbow in black - £199
Love Rainbow in grey (coming soon in black) - £215 
Rainbow bolt organic cotton sweatshirt - £75